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Full Management 

Innovative approaches for successful lettings

At HMO Lettings & Management, we pride ourselves for providing the most complete property and tenancy management service. More than having well-targeted strategies, and adding value to properties, we give the attention our customers need.

We always ensure that we find the best renter for you. That you keep updated with legislative changes and all your obligations are met. And that everything runs smoothly during the entire development life cycle.

From advertising and administration, to rent collection and maintenance, here you won’t have the hassle of dealing with all the concerns alone. We’ve got you covered!

What do you need to be managed?

As a property owner, you want to:

  • Outsource your management and have total peace of mind
  • enhance your experience through experts advice
  • Get the best price for your rent
  • Put your property advertised on relevant portals
  • Have someone who does all the viewings for you
  • Get check-in and check-out tenancy documents assistance
  • Get the rent collected every month without having to worry about it
  • Get disputes support & Handling
  • Conduct regular property inspections and maintenance reports

If yes, then our full management service is for you!


Insightful lettings for boosted outcomes

For Landlords who prefer to manage their own properties, but seek professional help with marketing and rental issues, HMO Lettings & Management provides the Advertising & Let Only service.

Our reliable and dedicated team is always up to date with the latest news and legislation in the market. So, you will get the most relevant advice accordingly to it. With our letting’s expertise and local market knowledge, we allow landlords to receive the best possible return their investment, while keep managing in their own way.

Our focus is to help on the property advertisement, give advice and guidance on rent values and legislation, as well as supporting in all the processes. Whether they be related with seeking good tenants, house viewings or lettings formalization.

HMO Lettings & Management never disappoints you.

What is included?

  • Rental appraisal
  • Letting guidance and advice
  • Property marketing and advertising
  • Find a high-quality tenant for the property
  • Conduct viewings
  • Negotiation and discuss tenancy terms
  • Prepare tenancy documentation
  • Set and sign the final agreement
  • Handle initial deposit and collect first-month rent

Together, you will get the most of your rental journey!

HOME HMO Management Agency
HOME HMO Management Agency


With no fees or commission to pay, our hassle-free Guaranteed Rent Scheme is the preferred choice of Landlords seeking to rent their property.

HMO Management Agency effectively become your tenant, guaranteeing your rent on a fixed day every month, regardless of whether your property is rented or not. We will also continue paying you even if the tenant has stopped paying the rent for any reason.

Your property will be valued by our experienced staff, after which we will offer a set amount for a minimum period of one year. We guarantee to start the contract the day a tenant moves into the property. We will market the property for one month, however, if we are unable to find a suitable tenant within 30 days, we will start paying you rent from the 31st day regardless (excluding dates from 9th December until 4th January inclusive).

Before the commencement of the tenancy, Hunter Ashley Sales & Lettings will prepare a full inventory free of charge, including colour photos. This ensures a smooth handover when we return the property to you.

As your tenant, we assume all contractual responsibilities beyond rent payments. For example, should the person residing in the property refuse to vacate it at the end of their contract, or break the terms of the contract causing the need for legal action, all costs will be met by Hunter Ashley Sales & Lettings.

We will manage all day to day tenant queries and any issues with the property. Periodic inspections of the property will be made, and a copy of the report will be kept on file and made available upon request. If a maintenance issue occurs, where possible we will allow you to rectify it. Alternatively, we can arrange for a local contractor to carry out the required works. Once complete, a copy of the invoice will be sent to the Landlord and the invoice total deducted from the next payment due. We only use professional and reputable contractors.

Our Guaranteed Rental Scheme is the most popular option for our Landlords. Your property will be fully managed by a professional agency, and it provides total piece of mind knowing that your rent is assured and will always be paid on time.

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