Managing Multiple Tenants in the Same House is Hard

Delegate it to Experienced Professionals

What’s HMO management? And why it’s so needed?

If managing just one tenant can be very tiring and stressful, imagine managing two or more on the same property. It’s like taking the usual problems and tasks and multiplying them by the number of people involved. We admit, it can be challenging and pretty much time-consuming for inexperienced landlords.

Have you ever imagined doing Management, maintenance,  inspections and paying attention to all licensing requirements all alone? We understand that it doesn’t even seem like a suggestion!

Nowadays, we have thousands of tasks to perform in our daily routines. And if it’s already hard to find time to think, imagine to manage everything. This is why it was crucial to create HMO management services and establish what landlords’ legal responsibilities are.

The HMO concept (House in Multiple Occupation), came to explain this event where the same house is shared by more than one household, with separated rents. This concept is implemented by agencies as one management service, to outsource these tasks, and make the life of landlords easier, organized and of course, less stressful.

What we do mean with this is:

Why not leave Managing HMO’s to specialized professionals who will do everything for you?

With HMO Agency, managing multiple tenants in the same house does not have to be a headache anymore. Now it’s easier than ever!

What are the legal responsibilities?

The hardest part of HMO’s management is undoubtedly the legal one. It includes several details and requirements that, if not met, can lead to huge penalties. But that’s why we are here; to help and ensure that no detail escapes you!

Our HMO management service is renowned for being one of the most complete, and for being endowed with attentive professionals who are very detailed. So, here’s what our team we’ll do and check for you:

  • Obtaining the necessary HMO license and guidance during the process;
  • Check that your house meets all the space and facilities requirements for the number of tenants;
  • Check the fire safety measures (smoke and carbon monoxide detectors);
  • Help you with bureaucracies and documentation;
  • Provide a free initial consultation call to clarify all your doubts regarding our service.

What are you waiting for to make your lettings run smoothly?



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