If you prefer to manage your own properties, but don’t want to be worrying about rent collection:



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We know that some landlords want to be more involved in the process than others and as such we offer a great package for rent collection services alone.

Helping Landlords Collect The Rent They Are Owed

One of the most common concerns faced by landlords is whether your tenants will stop paying rent, leaving you vulnerable and without the expected income. This is why we have created the standalone ‘rent collection’ package so we are able to help are customers throughout, Slough, High Wycombe, London and the South of England.

The most common issue faced by landlords is the lack of correct paperwork so we ensure that everything from the tenancy to the certificates and deposits are done correctly to protect you from dispute and ensure you continue receiving your rent. So, even if you want to be a more involved and present landlord, we can take care of the rent collection side for you.

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