Rent Guaranteed Specialists High Wycombe

Rent Guaranteed Specialists High Wycombe 

With no additional commission fees to pay, our Guaranteed Rent Scheme is the most sought-after choice of our landlords who want to rent out their property without wanting to worry about failing to pay rent. 

By availing of our services, Hunter Ashley Sales & Lettings will effectively act as your tenant, giving you a guaranteed rent income every month. This is regardless of whether the   property has actually been rented out or not. As such, we will continue to pay you rent even if the case arises that the tenant stops paying you

A member of our staff will be the one in charge of valuing your property. Afterwards, we will give you an offer for a minimum period of one year. Rest assured, we will be starting the contract on the very first day that a tenant moves into your property. As for our promise, we will advertise and market your property aggressively for one entire month, and if unfortunately, we’re unable to find any tenant within this 30-day period, we will still pay you rent from the 31st day onwards.  

We will also be taking on all contract-related responsibilities even beyond rental payments. For instance, if a person does not want to vacate the property even after the contract has ended, all costs will be shouldered by Hunter Ashley Sales & Lettings.

Our Rent Guarantee Scheme For High Wycombe’s Landlords

We will be in charge of managing the day-to-day inquiries of tenants, as well as settling any issues with the property. We will also do periodic inspections of the property, and a copy of the report can be issued to our clients upon request. If we find any maintenance issue, you can either rectify it on your own, or we can contact our connections to do it. If you choose the latter, we will simply give you a copy of the invoice, and this will simply be deducted from the next payment due.

Fully Managed Service
Our most comprehensive service after the Guaranteed Rent Scheme. Landlords are provided with the following services:

  • Rent collection and payment

  • Tenancy agreements

  • All statutory notices

  • Full inventory

  • Credit checking and full tenant assessment

  • Periodic inspections and reports

  • Check in / check out service

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